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The place where no work ever gets done. (And it's been that way since March 17, 2001.)

Welcome to Koma Forest. This is the place to get codes for games and to get help on stuff. You can e-mail our staff any comments you have or even request for us to do a guide for you at Or if you'd like to just bring up a topic to the public, just post on our Message Board.

As you can see from the staff pic, our staff of Blu, Squeaky, and King Dedede will all be making updates or doing guides and (p)reviews every so often. (Hopefully...)

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May 10-Um...yeah. I guess it's been about 4 months since there's been any apparent activity here. But don't worry, there should be some interesting stuff in the works. I hope. This whole school thing is really interfering. And the fact that I (Squeaky) moved. But don't worry, I've finally gotten around to posting Blu's Megaman and Bass Review (GBA) after a little bit of editing. And I think he said something about some more reviews coming up. But you can't trust my memory a lot of the time. Too much up there...
On another note, we've acquired a bunch of games since the last time this place has been updated. For GameCube I got The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker and the Ocarina of Time Master Quest bonus disc, and Blu got Cubivore finally. Another of my friends got Skies of Arcadia Legends. For GameBoy Advance I've gotten Pokemon Ruby, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and Blu got Pokemon Sapphire, Megaman and Bass, and Puzzle Fighter 2. Don't get your hopes up, but a review on one of these games may come up sometime soon. Although, anyone's hopes of this may be dashed with Dance Dance Revolution taking a lot of time from some of us recently. With that said, I take my leave now and say good gaming to all.

January 7, 2003-So here we are, 2003. It doesn't feel all that special for some reason. Ah well. So this is Squeaky here saying that Christmas was pretty cool. I got Metroid Prime for GameCube and Castlevania ~ Harmony of Dissonance and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for GameBoy Advance. I already beat Casltevania and have reached the dark world in Zelda. I am thoroughly impressed with both and of course with Metroid, GameSpot's game of the year. I have also recently rented Time Splitters 2 for GameCube. Blu and I played it for many hours straight, and it is a very fulfilling and satisfying multiplayer or singleplayer game. I again agree with GameSpot in that it got First-Person GameCube Shooter of the Year. It has a wide variety of modes, weapons, characters, and unlockables. This is now forcing me to go myself and buy it, hopefully in the next few days. Anyway, my reason for updating was to say that Blu wrote a review for Resident Evil 0 (GCN). Check it out from the links or here.

December 21-Well Squeaky here once again. I probably should have mentioned a few weeks ago that Blu put up a Metroid Fusion (GBA) Review. The link is in the left frame or at the bottom. Since Christmas is in just a few days, Blu and I will try to get up some reviews of all the games we've gotten, but it may not happen for a while. So until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

December 1-Since Blu feels like being productive he beat Metroid Prime (GCN) and wrote a review for it. Voila: Metroid Prime Review (GCN).

November 29-Wow it's been about 3 months since we did anything. Aren't we productive. Anyway we haven't had much downtime at all between music and sports and other random activities. Both Blu got Animal Crossing and Phantasy Star Online for GameCube. Blu also got Metroid Prime (GCN) and then Metroid Fusion for GameBoy Advance. He has written a review on Metroid Fusion; check it out here.

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