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Breath of Fire


Ryu(Hero)-You are Ryu. He is a lad from the light dragon family. He is a balanced fighter who learns how to transform into a dragon. When you first get Ryu he is VERY weak. Train with him a bit to buff him up. With Ryu you should get him the best weapons, but you don't have to worry about his armor too much. Once you aquire the Dragon ability, you should use it on tough enemies and bosses.

Nina-She is the Cleric you meet at Winlan. She is a very weak fighter, but powerful white mage. She joins up with thwo guards right when you get her. When you first get her, have her use the E. Key to cause more damage. When buying things for her worry about getting stronger armor than weapons, but once she grows to about lv. 15~17 staart buying weapons more often. When fighting bosses she is used as a healer. Cast atk. Up on your stronger teamates(who do not use offensive magic) and also heal when needed.

bo-A fox you find in the forest North of Tantar. He is a powerful fighter and ok wizard. Once you get Bo, put him at the head of the party(L and R) so he can shoot animals on the world map(A). Bo can also travel on top of forests. When using Bo concentrate on buying him stong armor because he can not hold a sheild.(He has a two handed Bow) When fighting bosses have Bo cast his level 2 spells.

Karn-A theif that you find at the Krypt. When he is at the front of the party he can detect traps in chests. Karn can also open the locked doors. When using Karn concentrate on buying him good weapons because he gets a greatly high hp count.

Gobi-This is the character you get once you set sail from Aguria. Don't worry about putting him in your party of leveling him up because soon enough you will fuse him into "Shin". When buying items you should buy what you can with the change you have once you buy for everyone else.

Ox-Once you get the gills and go to hotel in Prima you will get Ox. Ox is a power guy so use that to your advantage. First thing to do when you get OX is to go to Gant and get "Shin".(Do this by going to the North-most house and breaking some rocks so you can talk to a man with Karn. When buying for Ox buy weapons and good armor because he starts with none.

Shin-The fuse of Bo and Gobi. He is incredebly powerful. He has the stats of the people that are fused to make him so see Bo, Gobi, and Karn for info.

Bleu-She is a very powerful offensive mage. You should buy her stong armor that boostes her magic. Don't keep her in your party, but switch her in in a hard fight so you can slam some damage. She has no world map ability.

Debo-This is a strange fish that you can only use underwater. He is the fuse of Ox and Gobi. To get him go to the second house up and to the left in Gust. You will push a baskeyt and be in a tunnel with a bunch of barrels. Use your puzzle solving skills to get by the barrels and go talk to the man with Karn.