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Castlevania Boss Help Page



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Castlevania is a tough game to guide out. It doesn't really matter how you go through because there is only one way to go really (:: cough cough :: Squeaky didn't exactly know what he was doing and went through the Underground Waterway before he got Cleansing.) It may be hard to find but there is only one "real" way to go. This guide is going to be a boss tip page mostly. Blu wrote everything up to the Andramelech, which is where Squeaky will take over. (If you are in need of a Crucifix, the first one in the game is past Triumph Hallway, in the courtyard with the Flame Armor - second torch. To find all, check out Zeric's Cards and Game Maps at GameFaqs)

Earth Demon-A mini boss for new characters. Wait until you kill the catacomb boss to fight this guy. To fight him just jump over the rocks and whip him while you're in the air. If you think you're tough, try fighting him the first time you see him, I did. Although, it does help if you have the Mercury and Salamander DSS cards by then so you can use your Fire Whip. Once you beat the Earth Demon (or walk by him) you get to go pick up the Dash Boots, which let you run when you tap and hold forward twice.

Cerebus-This large three headed dog is scary looking but easy to kill. Get to Lv.5+ and also find the holy water at the end of the room with the mummies. When you enter you will see it. I howls and changes between three diferent colors. Blue = It is going to launch two orbs in the air that shoot down electricity. Toss a holy water under his butt and wait until the beams are really close to whip 'em. Red = It is going to jump onto one of the middle platforms so get up to the top ones. Toss a holy water under his arss and get on the platform on top of him. once he finishes jump up to avoid being jumped into. Orange = It wants to tackle you so get onto a top platform and jump around. The second it lands on the ground after any attack whip it for some extra damage. For beating Cerebus, you will get the Double, allowing you to perform an extra jump while in mid air.

Necromancer-This guy floats around at the platform. Run around the bottom as he launches disks at you but smack him while he summons zombies. Slide around the bottom to re-kill the zombies. Once he takes his second form it gets a bit tougher. When he creates the green orb around him start jumping on the platform and try to dodge him. When he summons skeletons, whip him or use the ever useful (my favorite![Blu's]) AXE! Whiz Pig says that the crucifix (cross) is much more useful if you learn how to use it. If thrown from the right distance away it will spin in the enemy for a time causing 4 or more hits. It also does the most damage per hit of any subweapon. For beating the Necromancer you get Tackle, which can be used as an attack or to break through those annoying crumbling stone blocks. Just press Left or Right + R.

Iron Golem-Basic. Whip from afar and dodge the darker colored cogs that fall. A crucifix thrown from the right distance can hit up to 6 times if he falls over on it. For beating the Iron Golem you get the Kick Boots, which allow you to jump off walls by pressing towards them and R in mid air.

Andramelech (Giant Goat)-The pattern is pretty easy. Dodge the fire balls he shoots, kill his drool bubbles, then whip him after he throws skulls. Try to stay near the left wall to dodge the skulls and avoid the bubbles. You also have more time to react to the flames. You can also slide under the bubbles (Down + A) to run away from the skulls if you were caught in front of them. Again, it is helpful to have the crucifix to throw from afar (by now you should have learned how far it goes.) For beating the Andramelech you get to step on the button that blows up all the Sarcophagus-looking things.

Two Dragon Zombies-Now, there are many different ways of going about killing these guys. My strategy is put on the Jupiter + Salamander DSS cards (2 fireballs circle you) and have the crucifix and plenty of hearts handy. From the start, turn on your DSS combo and drop down to the bottom middle platform. Throw 3 crucifixes in the direction of the nearest Dragon (I started with the left one). Those should hit about 9 times and then fly over to the right. Jump to the upper platform to let those fly by and hit the right Dragon. The whole time, watch out for the heads (the only part you can hurt). If they start swaying, they will probably slam into the wall, knocking down rocks from the ceiling. Spin your whip to block these. When they open their mouths, they will be shooting something at you. The left one shoots a series of little fireballs in an arc and the right one shoots one massive fireball at you, so learn to dodge those. Basically, don't get hit, but find your opening to huck crucifixes at them and let your circling fireballs hit them a few times. For beating the Two Dragon Zombies, you get the Heavy Ring, which allows you to push those brown blocks that you couldn't before.

Death-This guy looks like the Necromancer, but has much different attacks. You can use the Jupiter + Serpent DSS combo (circling ice balls) to protect yourself from the sickles.(You can use Jupiter + Salamander or Manticore also.) After some time attacking Death, (Squeaky recommends using the crucifix, especially when it pauses to do an attack, which is when the crucifix can spin and do 4 or 5 hits. Just watch out for the big spikes and the flying orbs) it will burn and fall onto the ground. It then turns into a praying mantis-looking creature. Keep your DSS on and keep moving. Toss holy water in it to rack up damage while you run around. (Says Blu, but Squeaky suggests crucifixes since they do a lot more damage.) Keep jumping - especialy when it swings its arms, and whip it when you get an opening. Beware when it rises up off the ground - jump or you will take damage when it comes crashing down. For beating Death you get Cleansing, which allows you to purify the poisoned water of the Underground Waterway.

Camilla-Camilla is possibly one of the easiest bosses in the game. After she blabs to you about taking control of Hugh, she turns into a big evil demon lady flying around on a skull. She has three different attacks I think. She can shoot electricity down to the ground from the bottom of the skull, so stay on a platform most of the time. She also shoots little floating orbs at you but those can be destroyed by your whip. Finally, she can shoot one massive laser beam across the whole screen, so watch out when she stops on one side of the screen. At this point, either duck on the ground, or get behind her and huck some crucifixes. Mainly, just avoid her and her attacks, while throwing crucifixes at Camilla and whipping her if you get a chance. (You can only hurt Camilla herself, not the skull.) For beating Camilla, you get the Roc Wing, which allows you an infinite number of huge jumps in the air by pressing Up + R (It's kinda like a jet pack).

Hugh-Hugh is one of the hardest bosses of the whole game. It's also pretty hard to get to him at the top of the Observation Tower, with all the Dark Armor and everything. Anyway, after giving you a little speech, Nathan says "You'r being controlled by Camilla! ...No, Dracula!" or something like that and Hugh comes after you with his sword - watch this first attack. He is just like you, except he has a sword and every sub-weapon available in the whole game. He can throw knives, holy water, axes, and crucifixes, along with making fire rise out of the ground and tackling you. I suggest the crucifix as usual, along with the Jupiter + Salamander DSS combo. After you hit him enough times, he will fall over, then rise into the air, and change into his second form. He may look the same, but he throws double of every sub-weapon now, and he can also attack with a massive Fire Sword and create little flying daggers to chase after you (the daggers can be destroyed by your whip). If you have the Jupiter and Mandragora DSS cards, there is a platform at the very top on both sides where you can stand and recover HP. Just watch out for the flying daggers if he is in his second form. After you beat him, he bows before you and wallows in self-pity, realizing his wrong-doings. When he's done whining, go into the next room and get the Last Key. This unlocks the door to the Ceremonial Room, where you started the whole game. It is the room where the rite to restore Dracula's full power will take place. Go and defeat the Evil Lord of the Underworld!

DRACULA (First Form)-Dracula is definitely the hardest boss in the game. He has two separate forms, and the first one is much easier. He starts with a speech, then he disappears and reappears somewhere else (just follow the column of light). Every time he appears, he opens his cloak and releases some sort of attack on you. They are mostly easy to avoid - just jump over the bats as they come toward you. The whole time you should be whipping crucifixes at him, and the Jupiter + Salamander DSS combo is pretty useful too. Anyway, after you hit him enough, he falls over and says something like "I need my full power..." Then Hugh comes in and grabs Master Baldwin, tells you to kill Dracula, and runs off again. This is when you exit the room, drop down, and open the secret in the bottom of the Ceremonial Room (spin your whip or circling fireballs at the floor way down bottom). When you fall down there is a HP Max Increase. Now go back to the warp room to the left, warp once to the audience room, and save your game. Then go back through the warps to the Ceremonial Room and walk into the big column of light that appeared there. This will transport you to the strange Underworld home of Dracula, which isn't even on the map.

DRACULA (FINAL FORM)-Here we are folks, the final boss of the game. Make sure you bring plenty of healing items with you (potions, meat, spiced meat, potion highs, and potion ex's). When you enter into the arena, you drop down to the bottom and see big ugly Dracula hovering there. You should turn your Jupiter + Salamander DSS combo on and position yourself, if possible, on top of the far left platform. Now, there are three different attacks that he does in the first part of his final form. If the two mouths at his feet open, he will spew poison gas bubbles at you. Spin your whip to destroy these or you will take damage and be poisoned. If a little flash happens on his chest and the mouths on his shoulders open, back up on the platform or jump onto the nearest platform if you are on the ground. He will be shooting 4 very powerful lasers at you. This is one of the best openings to throw crucifixes at him. (Let me mention that you must aim at his eye, since it is the only thing that can be hurt, and only when it is open.) Finally, if there is a little flash near his eye and no mouths open, he is creating a meteor shower. Watch out from above, for the meteors are big and do a lot of damage. Just do many little jumps on the platform, throw crucifixes at him, and hope you don't get hit. When you have dealt him enough damage, he will turn gray and flash. He will then disappear and become his second form. When he reappears, he doesn't look different, but he will come charging across the screen, and deal you an unbelievable amount of damage, automatically killing you if you have less than 700 or 800 HP I think. To avoid his charging, jump up and fly to the ceiling with your Roc Wing. He will charge 2-4 times, just repeat the jumping and flying. After he stops charging at you, his real second form appears - his eyeball surrounded by many bats. Again, you must attack the eye, and avoid being hit by the bats that fly at you. The crucifix is your best choice, and the Jupiter + Salamander DSS combo helps a lot too. After a short time as the eye and bats, he returns to his big ugly form and charges another 2-4 times. Avoid these with the jumping and flying, and then he becomes the eye with bats again. He repeats this pattern over and over and over until you do enough damage to the eye. When that comes, he turns into the big ugly form and burns up. You then return to the Ceremonial Room where you watch him crumble and disappear and then you run outside. You watch his castle crumble to the ground and then they show you a little scene which I will not tell you about. Next you can either watch the credits or press start to skip them. They then show you a little certificate that says enter FIREBALL on the Data Select screen to play as a Magician. Congratulations, you just beat Castlevania as a Vampire Killer!


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