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Breath of Fire II Walkthrough (GBA)

Section I: Tips
Section II: Walkthrough
Section III: Secrets
Section IV: Shamans
Section V: TownShip

Section I: Tips

-The quick save thingy isn't an actual save, so don't rely on that thing. Once you save with that, and you restart, all the progress you made from your normal save at a Dragon Shrine or church and your quick save is deleted. So, all this does is if you have to go to bed or to take a shit and don't wanna waste batteries on pause, save it and turn off your game. Turning it back on will start you off again as if nothing happened. It's just a suspension save for when you need it.

-Talk to everybody, like in all RPGs. They either help you out or take you to places. But don't let anybody into your TownShip if they suck! There's a long story there, it comes in later.

-Level up every character. For God sakes, if you don't, then you're screwed. I suggest leveling everyone to at LEAST level 30.

-Steal everything you can!! Ok, it isn't really stealing, but if you go up to the shelves on the cabinets, you can usually find an herb or a Tolen (long story about those Tolens.... They come in later).

Section II: Walkthrough

The beginning is pretty self explanatory. Once the cinematic stops go to the cabinet and pick up the Tree Poll. Then head outside and talk to the people. After that, you can go to the very back of the town through that little forest opening. Walk through there to the center area with a girl sitting there near a dragon head. Things will be all colorful now. Go there and a battle will pop up. Do all you can and attack, but someone will save you anyway. Your father enters. After some really bad dialogue and a cinematic, say "yes" to closing your eyes. Go back to your village and voila! Nobody remembers you! Go to the church and talk to Father Hulk. Then another cinematic will pop up and a cute little puppy dog will join your group. Head to the cave you'll see west of Gate (the town you were just in). Bow will use his candle to light up the place. Follow the mysterious tail deep inside the cave, and find a monster awaiting you. He'll knock Bow out and you'll lose a fight to the monster. Some opening story scrolls down. Thus ends the prologue.

Chapter 1: Find the missing pet
The Elder tells you to find a pet. You'll gain control of Ryu and have to find Suzy, but first you must steal his LifePL. Ok, it isn't stealing per say, but go to his cabinet and find it lying there. This is a revive, so save it for emergencies only (they cost $500). You might want to save your game. To do this go to the other end of HomeTown and talk to the statue. There are statues like this in most of the villages you'll encounter. Save up, and head out. I suggest you level up a little bit before moving onward to actually find the pet, though. So wander around outside (don't go to the carnival, that thing comes in later in the game...) and fight a lot of battles to level up to about level 5. Don't go to the mountain just yet, though. The guys there aren't too much stronger than in the field, but they're more annoying. Whatever you do - DON'T go past the west bridge. Strong monster lie there, later in the game do you fight them. Get lots of money, too. Getting strong weapons and items are useful at this stage of the game. Buy herbs and good weapons now, you'll need them soon enough. While you're at it, equip that TreePole you got at the beginning. If you buy bait you can fish with that, fish that you catch can be used to regain HP. Also, hunt with Bow to get Roasts. You can go to your apartment and get items if you take them from the shelves. If you die or need more health, go to the house left of the house that says "Inn". Go up a level and sleep in your bed to regain health. After you do this, go to the mountains south of HomeTown. You should see a path on a mountain that you can enter. Enter this and go up. Go through the mountain a little. Note: You'll see a fountain with a poll of water. Drink it, and strangely, your party will regain all their strength! Get ready for your first boss battle, it's fairly tough if you're not upgraded. Use herbs if needed.

Boss(es): Palo, Puti and Peach - the Harpy Sisters
These girls can be easy, if Ryu doesn't die. Harpies are fast attackers, and all 3 of them will attack Ryu as long as he's alive. They all want to eat the, er, cute guy. After that they'll attack each other to kill Ryu, so that will help you out a lot. As long as Ryu isn't dead by the second round you should win. Keep on attacking them afterwards (you may want to use Ryu's Guts while Bow attacks, he'll stay alive and Bow'll get free hits). As they fall, Bow will ponder if Suzy was eaten by them. After that just move right along.....

After that you shouldn't be too damaged. A Cure1 by Bow (or if Ryu has it, he can use it on himself to save Bow some AP) should fix Ryu right up. If you died, you can always go back to HomeTown. There is one item in this mountain you might want, SaladBowl. It's a helmet. Before you exit the room after the Harpy Sisters, go south and get the chest. There's also, in the room after that, an extraordinarily handy item called a FireRock (on the left side of that little fork). Save this item!! It attacks enemies in battle, does about 100-120 damage. You'll need it for future bosses. That about covers it for the mountain area.... After you fall down the pit, don't bother taking to the guy standing there. His name is Azusa, he comes in later (sort of). Leave the mountain area completely through the south exit (going right brings you to the exit to HomeTown, so that's how you get back and forth). Go into the destroyed house, but first save with the handy Dragon God and heal up your party, cause there are battles coming. Enter the house, and help the poor shlub fight off those cockroaches. There are 6 of the nasty critters, but luckily they can all be killed in one swipe. Unfortunately they are all faster than you. Hope for a critical hit and just kill em, they aren't strong at all. After that, the big mutha cockroach comes in. If you must, use a Cure1 (or Ryu's Guts). I don't consider this a boss battle, though. It's fairly simple. After the battles he'll be grateful and offer you the leg of his pig. After a funny cinematic, you get Suzy (bout time, too). Now all you have to do is get back to HomeTown and give the pig to the Elder. After that, you go home and watch the next cut scene. You wake up as Ryu and leave your apartment, walk to the north part of the town. A woman will run into you. Talk to Kilgore near his house and then go back to your room. Yup, Bow's there. Listen to his tale. After all this, Bow will hide in a trash can (and he looks damn funny when he jumps around in there). Now, onwards to Niro (he's the old pig-eating guy). Walk across the mountain and talk to Niro. He blackmails you (like you have a choice either way) so you go heal up and do whatever you want now, you are now strong enough to cross the dreaded west bridge.

Chapter 2: The Coursair Coliseum
Before you were too weak, but if you're about level 8+ then you should do just fine. Go north-west and get to the town (not the mountain area yet). Go there and sleep at the inn for health, save up and if you want you should probably get the new weapons and such. Go to the pub at kill time till night, then talk to the guy at the very north of the pub. He's an ugly bull dude, he'll tell you that Baba is the guy who's always in the fight. Hence, go north of the town you're in, to a place called TagWoods. This is an annoying little place, full of items and enemies and cash. I suggest being at about level 8-10 (you can level up in the forest) before you start exploring it fully. Once you have all the strongest armor and think you can handle it, go to TagWoods in the north and work your way through the maze to find Baba. This is a pretty tricky maze, and those bugbears are nasty critters who usually have Slammed attacks, so don't be afraid to use a few herbs if needed (there are lots in the forest). Go through the tree houses to get to the next area in the forest, the rest is pretty self explanatory. Get to Baba to ask him to take his place in the fight, and he'll fight you.

Boss: Baba
A pretty simple battle, if you're good. You'll probably need herbs during this fight. He'll go down soon enough. Beat him and acquire his ax.

Leave the forest and talk to the ugly fat guy at night in the pub again. He'll talk to you, so now you can enter that big building (aka the coliseum). Go in there and go to the right room, talk to the receptionist and fight Dir. HR. This guys simple, in about 4-5 turns he'll fall (oh, and don't ask me why he says "Education? Hobby? Talent!?" cause I have no idea). You may notice that your name changed to Baba now. Don't worry, it's not permanent. Talk to Augus and see how this all works out. Go to the left room, get your cash and Rand (fat dude) will walk in. He'll rob you, no matter how many times you say "no". Oh well, now all you can do is fight Katt.

Boss: Katt
She's a little tough, but ok. She has an attack where you can lose all your strength, but it sometimes doesn't work. Aside from that you'll do fine.

There are 4 outcomes here:
1) Ryu gets hit with a poison needle, then Katt will be pacing and asking Ryu to forgive her when he wakes up.
2) Katt gets hit with a needle, then she'll be asleep and you and Rand go off alone.
3) Both of them get hit, you wake up and Katt's still asleep.
4) You both are saved, you both are awake and Katt joins you.

Try to save Katt if you can, then she joins your group to go on to this next thing, otherwise it's just you and Rand (which is ok, but easier with Katt). Anyway, go to the coliseum and go to the room Augus was in. Talk to him, he'll turn into a *gasp* demon! Fight him for possibly the hardest boss battle yet.

Boss: Augus
Man, 3 bosses in one chapter. What a record. To beat him, if you're really dying, you can use your FireRock you got in Mt. Fubi. Put Rand's healing powers to good use, he has lota of AP. Attack with Ryu. Wearing him down is annoying but in the end, effective. Rand isn't too strong, but if Ryu dies he can use Wake (nifty move). Unfortunately the fat ass is quite slow, so hope for a miss. Augus has Cure1 as well, so he can be quite the annoyance. He attacks twice in one turn, that never helps. Maybe leveling up Rand beforehand would be for the best, if you have patience.

Katt will join you either way, so go take them to Bow and Niro back at his house. Take them there and watch what happens next.

Chapter 3: Jokers & Angels
Now it's just you and Katt for a while. Save up and you might want to buy some equipment for Katt and level her up a bit, for she has practically no HP or AP. Her upside is that she's strong and fast. So, work with that, then once you think you're good enough go back to HomeTown and walk up there. Watch the cinema. Answer Katt however you wish, then go into the school and up the stairs, to your right theres a room. Watch the Hood(lum) receive a dirty look from Nina (ooh lala). Now buy a few antidotes from a shop (you'll need them later). Then go to that dungeon south-west of Coursair. This is the Joker Gang's hideout. Walk in there, fight the Hood (they're really easy, too). The others don't attack you. Walk around a bit if you like. There's a chest somewhere in there. Walk into the room with the guard and the gate, then answer "Pain". He'll let you through. Listen to the next guy, unfortunately. This is why you needed the antidotes - the spider poisons Ryu, and has a poison attack to do it to Katt as well. Heal him after your battle, and go through your little dungeon area. I'd suggest getting the SilverDR at the very east of this room, it's a nice power-up for Ryu. Go up the next room (get the chest if you like, it's $100). Watch the rest from there. You'll fight 4 Hoods, they're pretty annoying because they have a move where they summon another to come if one dies. Katt may die with her lack of HP, but it's ok. You'll need everybody for the next battle and they heal everybody for it......

Boss: Joker
Nina is fighting alongside you now, and she's useful. Don't attack with her! use her magic spells, she has less HP than Katt but more AP than anyone else. Cold is the best move for her, the rest aren't as effective. Her attacks do 1-3 damage, but her spells are great at this stage. Keep attacking with Ryu & Katt (maybe a heal will be in order).

In case you haven't noticed, Mina and Nina are angels (you may not have recognized this on Mina at first). Walk west of Coursair, then walk up (above the pond) and go into that area. It turns out to be a maze. It's fairly simple, though, if you get lost one way, then backtrack and go the other. Once you get out an odd cinematic pops up and you leave the castle.

Chapter 4: Down the Well We Go
This is a part of the game I felt was much too subtle. Forgive Sten when he asks you to, and he immediately joins you. I mean, no background, no reason (except for an apology).... It's just odd. Well, he's a fighter you will be stuck with for a while. Since you can't get back through the castle/maze, there's a part west of the pond that Sten can get across. This is needed a lot for going back and forth from the western land to Niro, Bow, Rand, etc. Right now buy items to upgrade your group. Head west to Capitan after that. When you get there, save up and maybe upgrade your stats a little bit. Then head to the well in Capitan. Ray will be there. After this little show, get to the area with the turtles. Walk on them to transport you from place to place. I suggest taking the one to the very left area, that's a great item that comes in handy later (or whenever you want, but it's still good). The top chest just has a Charm, that doesn't do too much but if you want to battle the guy for it do so. Get to the kid and talk to him, and prepare for one of the toughest bosses of the game (at your level, that is).

Boss: Terrapin
This guy is really hard, so it would be wise to level up before this. He has a ground shaking attack and fire breath that does damage to everyone, and he has this cheap ass Brain Wave attack that allows him to control one of your players and make them attack your own party. That sucks if it's a guy, say, Ryu, who should be curing Sten with 8 HP left, but instead killing him. It can be quite annoying. He has about 1300 HP, so it can take a long while to beat him. Stock up on good armor and weapons, keep herbs and lifePIs with you, and you should beat him (assuming all of your guys are levels 13-15). Use Sten's Bomb as much as possible, use Katt's attacks (or a herb since she'll go first, being the fastest), Ryu should attack or use Cure1, and Nina should use any offensive spell (Tornado's a good choice). Don't bother with Agility Down or Attack Down, they fail 70% of the time, and he's already slow/fairly weak. After a while he'll lose a lot of AP and go strait to Brain Waves only, so beware of your party killing each other.

After he dies, now you can pick up that charm at the top of the cavern. Then head back & go into every door there is and save the villagers! Some guys will have enemies on their heads, kill the enemies only and not the humans. This is important. Ray will want to thank you by doing something for you. Take him to Niro and hell teach you a spell depending on who you saved. If you saved all the villagers, you get Renew, a spell that acts as a revive (good at this stage of the game). If you killed a few or missed a few, Cure2 is rewarded (most people learn that sometime anyway). Teach renew to Nina, for simple reasons of elimination: Rand & Bow learn it on their own, Ryu's AP will be used up with Dragon transformations, Katt's AP is practically nothing, and Sten doesn't have much AP to use it. Nina has enough, and Will can restore AP if she runs low. I suggest your party be Ryu, Sten, Rand & Katt now that you can change party members, but that's just me. Katt's strong but this is that time where magic is becoming an asset, and Katt doesn't have any usable magic yet.

Chapter 5: Shaman's Twist
Head back to Capitan and talk to the girl standing between the Inn houses (talk to her with Ryu). She will do stuff and you'll gain 3 new abilities for Ryu: Dragon transformations! These attacks do considerable damage to enemies but use up any remaining AP that you have. If you have 5, it uses 5. If you have 76, it uses 76. Anyway, go back to the area where you talked to Sana (woman Shaman) and talk to the guy, he'll take you to Niro and you'll get a new assignment. Head back to Capitan again (see why Sten's useful in your party? The gap crossing is used a lot). Talk to any of the 3 carpenters. Here's where the game gets a twist: There are 3 carpenters, and each one builds a different house for you. The one in the tree house one builds houses like that, the guy in the Arabian house builds fancy houses, and the guy in the normal house builds simple houses. See my TownShip part for details on the differences. It depends on your tastes, if you want good stats by buying items and cooking them into power-ups, or buying weapons that, at some point, will become obsolete (but good for the moment). Think about this part. After you summon him to your town (I can call it a town now, aka TownShip) you can go to the north part of Capitan and the boat has returned, so take that across and enter the forest.

Chapter 6: Fairy Tale rip-off
Go to the other end of the forest (no random battles, it's ok) and go into the area with all the frogs. Talk to the big frog and then leave south of the frogs. Head past the bridge, and go to that little house-area. Sleeping there acts like an Inn (but free!) so go there as much as you want while leveling up. Before going to the Witches Tower, go west of the waterfall/lake into that cave. Follow all the obscure instructions (if you don't then you'll have to fight the bouncers and won't get what you came here for...) by reading all the signs. When the sign asks how you want your meat cooked, choose rare. If you choose this than you'll loose 1/4 of your HP, medium is 2/4 and well done is 3/4. Go into the next room and get cooked, then the cook comes in to turn you into steaks.

Boss: Wild Cat
He's a little tough, since you lost all your armor & weapons before. Still, with a few good spells he should be done in no time. If you have Nina use S. Boom (if you have it) Rand can use Thunder, Sten uses Bomb & Ryu can use his new dragon transformations (Katt doesn't have enough AP to use her attacks yet). Once you run out of AP just attack and recover, he'll die easily enough.

Go into the next room and forgive him, he'll give you the technique chop-chop. Cool little move that does about 76-79 damage and requires no AP (but is considered a spell). Give this to Nina (unless you really don't want to use her, then Rand is a good choice. The rest have strong attacks anyway). It's good for Nina just because she has a weak attack, so this pretty much replaces it. Leave here and go sleep again, then head east of the lake and go into the tower. Step onto the block with Ryu in the lead (the girls just seem to love this guy) and she won't be satisfied, so fight again by stepping on the block. The door will open, so in you go. This place is annoying as hell (thank the flies for that). Though a puzzle, you can get past it eventually. Get to Nimfu, the witch, and battle her.

Boss: Nimfu
She's a little tough, but not too hard. She has Cure1, Sweet breath and Thunder, that's about it (plus her attack). She doesn't have much HP, so she's a pretty easy boss.

Beat her and then go down the stairs, to your right on the lower floor (with the chests & moving platforms) there's a quick exit. If you think you have enough health then stay in the Tower, theres a very important thing there. There is a shaman, like Sana (the woman with the Granny). Sana is the Fire Shaman, in the Tower there's Seso, the Water Shaman (6 shamans in total). She is on the left side of the room where there were 5 chains & moving platforms. Go to the very right platform and it'll take you to the left, talk to her (she won't be stone anymore) and she'll go back to Granny (you can do this anytime you want). Leave and head to the free inn. Then go back to the frog and kiss him with Katt or Nina. Then Jean will join the group. He's only a pitiful level 10 now, but if you take a liking to him and level him up he does become quite strong and can learn some good spells. Oh, your hideout became a town now. Anyway, don't take him to SimaFort yet, first go back to the Witches Tower if you missed Seso, and there's a very important item I missed my first time playing. Go up to the top of the waterfall with Jean in the lead, then press A with Jean to make him turn into a frog. Go into the water and jump down the waterfall. Get what's in the chests and talk to the guy with Ryu. Now you'll learn some really strong dragon transformation spells! They do 512 damage each (but there's defensive power and stuff, so it's not a sure thing). Anyway, that's handy for this next part in SimaFort. Go to the bottom lake and you'll see a castle in the middle. Go in there with Jean and watch the odd cinema appear....

Chapter 7: Who's the Real Prince?
Go outside and talk to Petape. She'll try to kill you or something, I dunno, stupidity seems to run in that family. Anyway, you should leave now, since you can leave and go back whenever you want. You may notice the shops opened, they're pretty good ones, too. Buy, sell, trade, whatever, then head down and go into that other underwater enterance for a big surprise. Go into the northern room and look at who's in the jail. It's the infamous female thief! Hooray! Well you'll talk to her later, first go to the northern part of that room, down the stairs. Fight the jailer (simple fight) and talk to Jean and Petape. So, back to Witch Tower we go. But actually don't go there (well, you can, but it won't matter). It will have a sign saying "I'm at the witch party at the Wild Cat Cafe", so go there. If you want mindless 400 experience points (no coins), then keep on talking to the witch at the very north stool. It's nice for leveling up, and she's easy. Anyway, go into the other room there (aka the washroom). Dive in the cesspool! The ring's at the bottom part, then go to the top and wait for it to float up there. Simple. After that, leave Nimfu to drown in her own self pity, and go back to SimaFort. Give Jean the ring and watch the stupidity flow through Jean's family (dumb father, too). It must of been simple for this impostor guy..... Anyway, now it's coming down to a cook-or-death type scenario. Cute. Now you have to find a cockroach, a gold fly and a worm. This is actually one of the hardest, most annoying parts of the game. To get the ingredients, go to impostor Jean's room (walk strait from that garden area) go up all the stairs to the roof, then help the poor guy. Talk to a frog girl in the garden area, she'll help her boyfriend. Talk to him again and he'll give you a key to those 2 doors on the roof. Fight the Gold Fly, but he'll run after a while. The smart mouth fly will insult you and run, so you have to find that little bastard and show him who's boss.... Anyway, go to the left door and catch that fly. Walk to the other end of the place, and go on the bridge. Look who pops up, your worm!

Boss: J. Worm
A fairly long battle, but your strong dragon powers should do some damage (Thunder Dragon, unless you want to save your AP). Have Rand attack, Nina use her strong magical attacks, Katt attack and Sten use Flame/attack. He isn't so tough.

He'll pop into your hands after he's dead, and the fly will mock you. Then go back and go into the left turn where you met the fly. Now you'll see a bunch of cockroaches. Nasty little buggers, they attack you if you walk into them. Avoid them if possible (even though they're a sinch to beat). Now, get to the end and fight another big cockroach (wasn't this done before?).

Boss: G. Roach
Probably just as hard as the worm, he doesn't have strong attacks or speed or anything, just a lot of HP. So wear him down and he'll die, use the same techniques as you did for the worm.

He'll die and you go into the next room to fight the only REAL boss here, the infamous Gold Fly (he won't run now).

Boss: Gold Fly
Though not strong, this fly has good defense, an Eggbetr (whatever that means, I never figured out) and unlimited critical hits every time. His attacks do about 6-10, but it accumulates (kind of). Ice Dragon attack by Ryu will do a hefty amount, and just attacks away with everyone else (though magic he can't critical hit). So he'll die and you go back to cook em. Go to the kitchen and give them to Jean, now prepare for a long-ass cinema. Funny, too. Anyway, after that go down to the door that says "WC" beside it (I think it's meant to say "WR" for Washroom, because it IS a toilet) press the button on the side. Go to the right and go through the door, past Jean. Fight the final boss in this part.

Boss: Kuwadora
A little tough, but a Fire Dragon works nicely, Flame is good, S. Boom, Rand & Katt's normal attacks are all what you should do. Just keep hitting him and he'll fall. He has a move where some of your party members don't attack (he ends the turn), that's annoying. He says Whee every so often, too. Odd boss.

Take their sword, the Sole Sword, and then leave. Jean will permanently join your group. Now, do you came here for: The female thief! Go to that room and talk to the guy standing there. He'll give Patty to you (yay). Now go to where the guard was standing before, and take those 3 chests; they are full of great armor. Now you can finally head back to HomeTown and use Bow again. So, do that.

Chapter 8: The Plot Thickens
Take Patty to Trout and watch this next cinema, then go into his basement. Talk to Kilgore and then go with Bow, but it will just be the 2 of you. So, lucky for you, all the Footmen can be killed in one turn by Bow & Ryu. Go back to the basement and come out, then go into the other basement and fight Trout.

Boss: Trout
A very easy battle, just use one dragon transformation with Ryu, then attack with Bow & Ryu and he'll die simply.

Patty runs off now. Now watch the interesting cinema..... Go back and talk to Silvia and learn more about how this story unfolds. Now you have to find the Grass Man on that moving carnival you may have seen earlier. Ok, now you can go places you've never been before with Jean as a frog. Here's what you want to do: Go south of SimaFort via the river, and head to the little house called W. Cape. Talk to the guy and he'll turn out to be one of the thieves caught in Trout's house. Go into Whale Cave (don't buy those cheesy cakes) and go down the tunnel. Have Katt with you the whole time in this level, because you'll need her. Smash through the wood with her bo and talk to Maiyoru and his, er, dolphins. Go through the top and go through the maze area, and if you miss a chest don't worry, because you'll come back here soon. If there are any closed doors that won't open, use Katt's bo strike. Get to the end (you'll be going to the beginning again so don't kill yourself to get all the chests everywhere). Get to the end and talk to that doll. Fight him.

Boss: Munmar
It's a pretty easy battle, he's not too strong but he can put you to sleep with ease. Use a dragon attack and just attack or use strong magic with the others. he has a bit of HP but he'll die easily enough.

It will say that Grandpa isn't waking up, so go back to the beginning and hit his adam's apple with Katt. get all the stuff you may have missed now, and go to the beginning. If you got it all on the way here, then use Exit (assuming you have Nina or Jean learned it) to get out. Hit the adam's apple and get shot out, and talk to Grandpa. Now you can ride on him through the ocean! Finally, another way of transportation. Ride on him south-east to the island with the carnival. Don't bother talking to the women there, they won't understand you (this comes in later). Go to the carnival, pay the fee and go to the end to talk to the Chief. Now, you have to get the Uparupa (or fight tons of battles and get 900 000 coins, but the Uparupa's more fun to get...).

Chapter 9: Saving Spar
Go to that old hunting spot in between Windia and Capitan in the north. Before you do, I HIGHLY suggest you acquire Bleu, the secret character from BoF(1). She'll help you beat the next boss simply. First, take Grandpa to a desert area on the south-eastern side of the big island. Go east of the mountains. Beware of strong monsters! Next, walk around until you come across a patch of sand that looks oddly different (it's a little north of the beach). Walk on that, talk to every cylinder ghost. Then to go HomeTown's Magic School, and go up the stairs, talk to the student on the left side of the left class, the very last row (assuming the front is where the teacher is). Talk to him and he'll transform into a woman, Bleu'll forcefully join your group then. Good job, she's level 35. You should be about 20-25, so she's strong as hell now. Go back to the place between Windia and Capitan, then go into the house. Go out back and talk to the woman singing, she'll turn out to be quite the annoying bitch.

Boss(es): Algernon, Danielle & Suiky
This battle it pretty tough, so beware. The main head, Algernon, is quite strong and has a lot of HP. Use a Thunder Dragon, S. Boom, Flame, whatever. Suiky will only use Thunder, and Danielle will only use Cure2. They will always pop up, but they can be easily killed with multiple hitting spells. Focus on attacking the main one, even though the others will come back again, and again, and again..... Well, just kill them all and it'll be over.

After they die, pick up all the fruits behind them. Then get back on Grandpa and go to the bridge connecting the area with Coursair to the area with HomeTown, there will be a door opening there in the sea. Go in there and catch an Uparupa. This is a bit tricky, but go into the northeast door (all the other places get you chests, which are nice anyway). Head to the room with the fish-men, don't buy food from the guy, it's a waste of cash since you have them already. Up there you'll see a bunch of cave entrances. Those have the "adorable" Uparupas in them. Here's what you do: Put an Owl Fruit in front of them, and wait for the Uparupa to come out. He'll come, and then you pounce on em! Ugly little critters, too. Beat them, it isn't so tough. They can't attack but they critical hit all attacks, so use spells. Now, most of these guys will simply die. I don't know if they all work or if it's a one-in-ten shot deal, but the one I used (and worked) was the one on the second level at the west, he'll work. If you want you can waste a few Owl Fruits (they do nothing else in the game) and fight the Uparupas, they give great experience points (9600). Do NOT let that bastard escape! Keep him, if you don't then he'll give you a chest in return, but it's just a Buster Sword (bad weapon, if you go to Guntz which is south of Tunlan you can get better). Anyway, all the Uparupas will escape and you'll have to get $900 000 instead. Stupid animal. Catch him and take him to the Chief at the carnival. Give him the Uparupa and he'll change his mind about killing the poor "cute" animal. Instead he'll want to kill you, too......

Boss: M. C. Tusk
I'mma gonna slap you!! That's bloody hilarious, at least to me. This guy's got quite a bit of HP and a "I'm gonna get mad" ground shaking attack. Not too hard, he's a little vulnerable to fire so use Flame and such, S. Boom or if you have Typhoon that's good. Aside form that it's a 3 minute battle.

He'll ask you not to laugh at him, after that you can save Spar. Spar will join your group now. He's not a great member (only level 12) but has good AP & HP, plus potential, so buy him some equipment and he's good to go. His special ability is Nature, this can be a bunch of things if you're in a forest. Normally, though, it gives a small HP cure to the party (30-50). When in a forest tree's can be summoned to attack enemies and stuff, it's pretty interesting. So, go to the western part of the big island, to the big Sea of Trees (it's hard to miss, there's a lota trees!) go to the center big tree and talk to him, he'll tell you to go back to Tunlan (woman-town).

Chapter 10: Sten's Battle
First head to Tunlan and talk to the guy standing there. He'll tell you that you can't speak to the women if you don't have an instrument (they call it a tone). Now you have to go to HighFort to get the Famous Flute. Now, please, LEVEL UP STEN! This is mandatory, or you'll have to restart your entire game. HighFort is Sten's home, so it's him with nobody else, and he has to be strong because you can't leave until you beat it (which means it's a now-or-never scenario). Consider fusing Sten with Sana, too, that'll make him stronger. Once you think Sten's a good enough fighter (I guess 20-24 is fine) then go south of TownShip, to that desert. It may be best to save before doing this, otherwise you're stuck. Go up the mountain of the desert (it's called HighFort for a reason...). Once there put Sten in front and cross the gap, despite his reluctance. Now, watch and learn about Sten's past. After that go north and just walk strait (everything else is just the castle, nothing is there). Go up the stairs to the room with the war plan. Now you're Sten without your party, so first go downstairs and get the items there (they give you free upgrades, very kind). Now you can go back to where your friends were. Whoops, you get caught by your old buddy, Trubo. He has nunchuks. Yes, a monkey with nunchuks.

Boss: Trubo
He's tough without your friends to help you. Use Flame & attack him, but be careful and use healing items too. He ain't dead once you think he is, no, you have to get this next battle done in 3 turns. I actually did this one in 1 turn, but that's because I had a special attack by chance. It isn't so hard if you're leveled up.

He won't die, but now you two are friends again. So, follow him into the room he goes to at first, drink the water and save up. Then go to the left part of the castle. It isn't too hard here, but be aware that there are many items to get as well, but also some dead ends. It's a very tough level. Now, one road will eventually take you to Shupkay and the Princess. Shupkay'll pull the same trick on you, and you'll be with your friends again. Now this next room is huge and annoying, so first make a left, then go up, the turn left again, then go down and to down at the fork. The follow along until you can go up, then go down at the big square. The next one's easier, just go around to the inner path and then right. Now if you missed some items, go to the left or right ones. If you want to proceed (don't care or have the items) then go to the middle portal. Now you fight a pretty vile door.

Boss: Portal
My God, this thing has a lot of HP. The fact that he absporbs your spells doesn't help at all, either! Dragon attacks still work, though. This guy has good defense and a lot of great spells like typhoon. His attacks aren't too strong, though. After a battle that may seme endles, he'll die.

Go up the stairs and work youre way through the maze (a very easy maze, just be sure you get the items and then head strait up). Now for the final boss of the level.

Boss: Shupukay
She's really quite easy, she has a few spells (Hush & Death) but not a very strong attack. Good defense and a lot of HP make her a bit annoying, but she'll fall eventually.

Now leave and if you try, you can't get back even if you tried.

Chapter 11: The Weight Loss Issue
This is an annoying part of the game. First you go to Tunlan and go to the top of the castle, then talk to the old lady there. Head to an island northwest of HomeTown and go to the mountain. Here there are some interesting creatures to behold, but they aren't too tough. You will need Sten for this, too, but later. First go into the cave you see in front at the mountain enterance, then talk to the old man with either Katt of Nina (or Spar fused with Seso the water shaman). Take him to Tunlan and talk to the old lady again. Now, back to Maori Island (the place where you found Gedd). Now you need Sten for this part. Talk to the assistant and go to the top of the island. There are a few cool items here, like the Moon Drop (superb 3 of a kind item that revives all characters, restores all HP & AP to everybody, and cures all ailments to all). Go all the way to the left, then to the right on that upper level and through the door to get this. Then go back to the other door, get the items in this room and go out through the right exit. Cross the gap behind the waterfall, then get both the Flame Sword and Flame Shield (ok items) in this room, then go out through the left path, then go up halfway for Magma Armor. It doesn't matter which other path you take, they both lead up. When on the top, go to the island via Sten's arm stretch. The one of the far right is the right one to take. Take the Mirror from the chest and get a drink, then go back to Tunlan. Now you have to kill the fatties! He says Fatty, but never mind him. What you have to do is fight EVERY monster in EVERY room in the Queen's body. Here's what you use: That monster detector in the upper left side of the menu has a jumping monster. If he's jumping, walk around until you fight all the monsters and he stops. When he is sleeping it means there are no monsters in this room. So, start searching. They really aren't hard, and the fact that you can leave and come back just sweetens the deal. You should be fine, the guys aren't too tough. After this, go get the Therapy Pillow by talking to the girl standing next to the empty chest (I still don't get why she took it). Now go back to the Great Wise Tree for another, more annoying level.

Chapter 12: Stroll Down Memory Lane
Talk to Gandaroof and go into his mind. You can visit the house that starts next to you, it doesn't matter. There are 3 towns here: Young, Middle Aged and Old town. They really don't do much, except for the Young Town in the north, in the inn there there's a fellow named Barose. he's a great guy for your TownShip, get him before you finish (otherwise you lose him). Aside from that, I'm actually a bit confused as to how this works. You go into the town next to you, then walk around, go into the other towns and go back to the old man town. Now it will be the level itself. Good God, how I despise this place. To top it off you have random battles out the wazoo. First, what you do is either search hopelessly for an entrance to the middle, or talk to the guy to let him escort you. Truthfully, I let him do that, I simply could not find the entrance. I wish I could guide you, but I could barely guide myself through this maze. Sorry. The only big issue I had here were those enemies who used S. Boom & Thunder all the time, but just have Spar and his Cure2 will work wonders with his amount of AP. It isn't too long, though, once you reach the end you'll fight the boss anyway.

Boss: Aruhamel
His favorite attack is a forget magic spell, which is very annoying but not too bad. He has Poison Breath and Sweet Breath, but those sometimes fail anyway, and his attack is pretty good but he rarely uses it. He isn't too tough, just use your dragon transformation early, before you forget it. He isn't very hard.

Please say that you have either Spar, Nina or Bleu, because they have Exit so you can get outa his head with ease. Go to Young Town and leave via the kid who is in the spot of the Banker. Go south of Gandaroof and see that you can't get past. Now, go to the nearest beach and get on Grandpa. Northeast of the Sea of Trees is a small island in the water, called Sky Tower. Go there to fix the weather. This is much easier than it looks, chances are your clock won't go under 1 minute. Some areas are hard but there are a lot of air rooms to take a breath. There are some enemies here and they cost time as well, so hurry up with those battles. It's a very short level, too, plus it's very rewarding. There's no boss or anything, but once you reach the top you get the Wind Shaman (hooray). Leave and now you can go south of the Sea of Trees.

Chapter 13: Religious Enlightenment
This is a huge turning point in the game. This beginning part focuses on Rand, so you need him in your group. Make sure he's leveled up, too. Ok, now go south of the Big Sea of Trees until you hit a town, go in there. You'll see many people who look like Rand. Walk in the top house and watch Daisy get pissed at a St. Eva follower. Go into her house and to the back door. Now, plow, boy! Just press A in front of the things and kill them. They don't fight (except for one stone who's actually an S. Golem). Aside from the Golem, the rest are easy (the Golem's fairly hard). After that go back inside and talk to Daisy. Go west to pray to Namanda. Now, this part is REALLY important and I missed it the first time around - When at Namanda Cave, go to the very northern area and donate 20 times. You get a shaman this way, but nobody tells you to do it so it's easy to miss...... Anyway, get to Namanda Cave and don't be scared by the enemies, they're simple. Go to the western door and make the guys ring the bell, then leave and go back to FarmTown. Go talk to Daisy... But wait! Daisy isn't there! Now fight the Paladin with Rand alone, but he isn't hard. He uses shield and Defense Up but his attacks only do about 60, so use a Cure2 whenever necessary. He'll go down and you'll have to fly to St. Eva's Church now.

Chapter 14: Nina Spreads her Wings
Ok, this is where Nina comes in with her story. I'm not sure if this is mandatory, but you can go to TownShip and talk with Nina in her room, she'll tell you to go to Windia so she can use the power of the Great Bird. Go to Windia and talk to the guard to the castle with Nina in the lead. Now you'll learn about Nina's past a bit. Go upstairs and talk to Nina's father in bed. Go to the bottom floor and head to the basement (right of Hina). This area's a little tricky, but it's not impossible. You'll see a lot of old enemies that have been in the recent levels. It depends on what you want to do. If you want to upgrade Nina and give her a good ring to increase her attack greatly (she'll need it soon, and +40 attack is great) then go north at the fork in the basement. If you really don't give a shit, then go strait to the left. Going through the north is a bit of a lengthy walk, but it's good for leveling up Nina if you want. She has to be level 25 or higher for this level (otherwise she'll die every time...). I suggest you get the Storm Ring (the north area one) and then leave and heal up & save, then go back to do the level. I suggest you merge Nina with the Wind Shaman, it's a good increase in power. It's easier that way. Ok, now you're Nina all alone in this new area. Go to the very right platform area and go up for a Wind Bracelet (increase in speed) and then the very left (not on the platform) and go up for a Wind Robe (increase in Speed and Defense). Then go to the left platform and up to get to the boss.

Boss: Guardian
If you have Bolt X, use that and POOF! One hit and he's down. Only about 200-250 HP. Simple battle.... But wait! Who's this? It's Nina's great, great, great, great Grandmother, Nina from BoF!

Ok, learn about how Nina messed up before. Now go to the center platform and talk to the statue. Now leave and talk to Nina's father again. Now go to the Ceremonial Tower and go up the stairs to catch Mina. Mina will become the Great (pink) Bird. You can board Mina by pressing A in a field with Nina in the lead. Mina's really fast, and this pretty much leaves Grandpa useless now. Now, fly south of Guntz and get to the high island where the St. Eva Church is. The town is called Evrai...... And a huge problem is arising.....

Chapter 15: The Evans Conspiracy
Go to the house right bellow the Grand Church, on the left side of the door. Talk to the woman who trusts you more than everyone else. Now, leave Evrai. Hm? What's this? Oh yes, you CAN'T! Now, if you talk to people they really seem like zombies. Go back to that woman, her name is Claris. Now, jump in the toilet (these toilet seats seem very large...). The sewer you jump into is a huge dungeon, so you may want to check around and get all the items there. Mind you, there are some very hard enemies here, as well. Approach with caution. Now, if you want the easy way out, go to the right room and then fall down the second hole. Then you'll end up in the inn that was near Evrai. Now, off to CotLnd. For this part you'll need Katt, though. Enter that little house between the mountains south of FarmTown, then bo strike the rocks with Katt in the lead. Now, go into the house with the red flag and talk to Tiga. You have to get the sponsor back, now. And dear God, is this level hard. Ok, now get Nina and fly to the Thieves Tomb. It looks like a castle in the desert south of HighFort, and it's also across from where you found Bleu's ghost buddies. This level is really annoying, so watch out. Ok, first go down and avoid the moving circles. Get all 4 chests in this area. Then fall down a circle and talk to the guy. If you don't understand what he's saying, then here's what he means: If you encounter a random battle while standing on a happy face, something randomly good will happen (gain money, an item, etc.). If it's on a sad one, bad things will happen (your party will be poisoned, you'll lose money, etc.). Shocked if either good or bad, and grinning green one will restore the health of the leader in your party. Simple? Ok, now go. Be very careful, using a smoke would be wise (Ryu learned it). Ok, what I just learned is that your party can fall in a trap, but I never found out what it was, because Nina was in the lead and she can avoid trap falls. Spiffy, you might want to keep her in the lead if you like. The area itself isn't too challenging, but since there are many purple faces it gets tough. Now, go to the northern door and release.... Patty? Oh God, her again. Ok, go into the north room and check the empty chest, then go into the door. Go back to CotLnd and you'll see that Patty is the Sponsor. Now, watch Tiga.... Propose to Katt??? Betcha didn't see that one coming, huh? Anyway, don't fight Tiga, say that you & Katt are friends. Now get a fourth member in your party and head to Bando, which is very south of CotLnd (I suggest flight). Now, enter the church and talk to Tiga, then go down the passage. Fight the footman, he isn't hard (he'll usually use Cure2). Now go to the other end, and step on the switch once and get the Snake Stick, then once more to get to the next area. Walk through this area (it's fairly small but with a lot of dead ends). Now, talk to Manson and fight the zombies. These guys aren't so hard, though, be sure not to waste much AP on them, the hardest battle is next...

Boss: Necroman
I... Hate... Him. He turns practically your whole party into zombies, and it gets irritating. When your character turns into a zombie, they attack their own party. Also, his Death hurts a lot. His attacks aren't too strong, but it's still not a great idea to underestimate him. Use your characters' strongest attacks, like Bolt X, Missile/Fireball, Hail, Typhoon, etc. He has a lot of HP and can use Sap, but he'll die eventually. Make sure if he uses Rotten Breath that you use Heal or a CureAl. Now, beat him and take the Evrai Rod.

Get out and talk to Katt & Tiga in disguise. It won't matter what you say now, just say that you didn't learn the teachings. Now, go to Evrai and go to Claris' house and go into the Grand Church, the answer to the guard's question is Evans. Now, go inside and watch the cinema. Now follow Habaruku and fight... Ray?

Boss: Ray
He's not too difficult. Use a dragon transformation and everyone else's strongest spells, after the second turn he'll say "This is all I have!" and then you'll see a new dragon ability... Use G. Dragon in the next turn and he'll die (note: G. Dragon always does 999 damage, but sometimes 46 so don't rely on it all the time). Now go follow Habaruku and keep Rand with you. Go to the room with Daisy and press the switch, then press A in front of that wall with Rand. Now get the chests here and leave through the left exit. Go up and break this next blockade wall with Rand again, but you'll see how it's a trap. This next part is heartbreaking.... Well, go up and grab the Blast Knuckles. Then go up and follow Habaruku, and fight his archers. These guys are easy, so don't stress. Drop down after him and go north if you want a weird bracelet, west is a Rainbow Robe and exit to the next area, south is the exit to the main floor (you can go in and out through here, I suggest you at least open the gate) and east is nothing. Go west and go down (don't fall off, it's annoying) step on the platform in this order (I'm going to say which part to step on by which direction it's pointing): Forward, Up, Forward, Down, Forward to get to the next area, to get the chest do Forward, Up, Forward, Forward, Down, Up, Down. Ok, go into the next room and prepare for the hardest battle thus far (run through the lasers at first). Press the button and watch this next awkward cinema...

Boss(es): Guard Eyes
Do NOT kill the old man, he's just insane. The bottom one uses Flame, kill it first. The left one uses Freeze, kill it second. Then kill the right one, it uses Cure3. Using Freeze on the bottom one should kill it easily enough, Freeze on the left won't work as well, just attack. Freeze on the right will work well enough, you'll hurt more than he recovers in a turn, don't worry.

The old man will thank you (if you killed him it isn't the end of the world). Evrai will be destroyed either way, and if you saved him you'll be outside and if you didn't, you'll be in TownShip. The old man will be non other than Ganer, Ryu's father. He'll tell you of what happened that day when they all forgot who you were in Gate (and how Aruhameru, that Great Wise Tree boss, destroyed everyone's memory). Now, if you saved Ganer, then get Eichichi from Guntz (go to the northern house in Guntz and go back, behind the bookshelf and talk to her). She'll only come to TownShip if you have looked at that well in your town, then talk to her. She'll come over and investigate, and when Ganer is saved you can now fly TownShip! Neato! Talk to Eichichi to move it. Much like walking, B is boost while in flight. Now you can get Solo the Earth Shaman in Daisy's backyard and Seny the Holy Shaman in the first of the 3 possible doors in Bando (remember how you could push a floor tile to move the door? Well, go to the first one to find the shaman). Now you have to end up this whole St. Eva conspiracy and end this damn game soon. Now you can enter the final area.... Gate.

Chapter 16: Enter the Dragon
Go to gate and go into the back area where you started the game. Talk to Father Hulk and watch as the dragon awakens. Now, go to the left door or the cave and enter, get the Devil Shaman (that's the last of them). Now to go on your mission to find.... Ugh, Patty again. Ok, though you shouldn't have to, your mission is divided into 4 parts. Note: Since the demons flew out, Mina the Great Bird is useless. Warp to the nearest/the location or if you have flying TownShip use that. First, go to CotLnd and talk to the soldier. After that talk to the cook in the Wildcat Café. Then go to Thieves Tomb and talk to the guy in the bottom right corner, then go to TownShip and walk into the second room on the first upper floor. Talk to her and go to Father Hulk. There's a big part here, so just read and then talk to Habaruku.

Boss: Habaruku
He's a little tough, but nothing you can't handle. he liked to use many power-downs like Drain, Sap or Attack Down. Use G. Dragon and strong fire or electrical attacks (Bolt X or Missile). He'll die easily.

In theory you can choose wait and the game will actually end there. I think it's the bad ending, though. It's also the wussy ending. Are you a wuss? I suggest you choose "defeat" so you can actually finish the game. If not, then Habaruku was, in a sense, the boss of the game. But go on, and into the cave.

Chapter 17: To Infinity, and Beyond
God, how I hate this place. Truly and deeply. First I suggest you be somewhere slightly higher than 40 (around 40-43 for all party members). Leveling up in Infinity is a great idea, actually, walk around the first room or even go and see how far you can get without dying (only if you don't mind losing half your cash or if you have exit with Nina, Bleu or Jean, that works too). I highly recommend going everywhere in Infinity because there are many kick ass chests with some of the most powerful weapons and armor. I'd say that those Ifeleets are the toughest, they have Fire Breath & Fireball and are strong with a lot of HP (look pretty nasty, too). The G. Rider's Death usually works, but Humus never have enough AP (don't be scared by it). If you have Sten, his Special Ability will be Switch if you shamanized him with Wind & Fire. This is great because he can change your enemy to another enemy, like Ifeleet to G. Rider. Big Hands are also very annoying creatures with an Eggbetr and high HP. E. Dragons also have a bit of HP & Eggbetrs. Fight them anyway, they give out the most experience points of any single creature here. Most of these guys should be well within your range of killing, so don't worry. Though a bit of a maze, once you go through you'll memorize the way of how it goes. Also, if you get really fed up with all the constant enemies, use Ryu's Smoke (or Sten's Switch or Nina's Banish in battle). Ok, once you get to the never-ending staircase, there's just a few more areas left. If you're doing ok then keep going, if you're not then leave and try again and level up. The never-ending staircase is a bunch of rooms that lead down (theres a pattern of 2 rooms repeated), and down, and down. It may seen never-ending, but the name's actually false advertising by me. It ends after 6 floors (3 of each room). Then you'll get to the BIG room. At this point either path is ok, because one leads to the exit and one leads to a dead end plus weapons. Just wander around and check every area, use Smoke if you want. Once you get to the big room just go south and enter Dologany.

Chapter 18: The Final Mission
This is it, when you get to Dologany you pretty much are at the last level. I can't say a thing on this, because of risk of spoiling the entire game. In Dologany you can rest up, heal, and there's even a shop so I highly recommend you get a LOT of WFruits, you will need them to revitalize Ryu's AP for Dragon abilities against the boss. After this enter the room on the bottom level with Ryu in the lead, and then enter Infinity again. Go down via the platform then down the stairs to the big room (on the right). Talk to the middle guy and then enter every room and talk to your friends at the beginning and end of those hallways. Then go into the center room and talk with yourself. Leave after that. Re-enter the room. Just don't kill anyone, no matter what he says, don't. Then you'll get Anfini (and lose the shaman forms of any of you party members, if you did). You could go back outside and re-shamanize them if you wish, it may not matter. Go outside of the room and go west for a Noe's Robe (a good piece of armor). Then go back down south to continue onwards. You may notice some different enemies here, Carms are guys with high defense and good spells like Hail. They aren't too strong but don't underestimate them anyway. Dragoons usually come with 2 Skeletons, or Dragoons in groups of 3. They aren't hard at all, low HP and not many good spells (though Dragoons have Fire Breath & Skeletons have Zombie), but they have a higher percentage of Special attacks. You'll notice that Ganets have very high defense and come in groups of 4 or 5. Use Storm Ring, if you got it in Nina's level, it casts Thunder but it isn't a spell, it will kill them all. Chop-chop, Buster Bow, or any item that does any attack could be used too, but Storm Ring is the best because it attacks all enemies. Now, once you get to the end here, you'll get into a weird room that looks like the inside of a creature. The enemies are pretty much the same here, so don't worry. One creature will be new - Magicmas. These dudes have practically no HP and no vigor, so kill them before they use their powerful magic spells. Also, there are enemies called a Conch, they are faster than they look and have good defense, but not hard at all. There are many areas here, you can explore if you wish but eventually you'll get to a black area with a guy talking to you.... Very spooky. You'll recognize him - His name is Barubary, and he's your worst nightmare.

Boss: Barubary
The first of the worst battles you'll ever fight in. This guy is tough as hell, with a lot of HP and strong attacks. He has a total of 5000 HP, but if you use G. Dragon and everyone else's strongest magic, after one turn he'll ask you if you want to fight alone. You can, but that'll be tougher than necessary. Say no, so you'll have your full party (he'll still have 4000 HP or so). His normal attack does damage to all your party members, as well as Fire Breath, which does about 100 to all as well. He also has Bolt X, which does about 150 to everybody in your party (strongest spell you can learn, not including dragon abilities). Wear him down and he'll die, even it seems dark (use a Moon Drop, you're at the end of the game anyway). Try to keep all (or as many as possible) of your party members alive by the end, it's nice for experience points. Use whatever recovery item you want, this is the second last boss anyway (don't use all of them, save some for the last battle).

If you go north, then you'll get to a save point and a fountain to drink from to recover. Now, you can either use Exit if you have it (you may have used a lot of LifePIs or WFruits) or if you're feeling spunky go save & recover and ignore regaining items. Now, if you missed all the other doors in the area right before the dark place, then go there and get all the great items. After Barubary, though, the monsters all change. There are even MORE vicious looking Ifeleets, called Hellions. Nasty buggers but pretty strong and with a lot of HP. Kill them for 30000+ experience points and 4000+ coins, or just run. Some enemies are called an Amom, they are fast, not too strong and have Eggbetrs. D. Paladins have a lot of HP and spells like Hush and Cure4. Overall the enemies shouldn't be too tough, so go past the dark area and use the transporter to the big room, then go north to the room with Deathevn in it. But I still suggest you explore the ENTIRE area before Deathevn, it's huge and jam-packed with goodies. He'll freeze you, now. So, he'll kill your friends (oh no!) and leave. You press back and forth and eventually you will break free. Run forward towards him. Get them all and face off against the hardest guy of all, the boss of the game, Deathevn.

Boss: Deathevn
He has double the HP of Barubary, (yes, 10 000) so in theory this battle will be twice as long. Start off using Anfini, to revive your friends. Next, use the same basic strategy - G. Dragon & strongest spells like Missile or Bolt X. Now, on occasion G. Dragon doesn't do it's 999 like it's supposed to. In this event, use a Thunder Dragon and keep on reviving for that, then use G. Dragon after a few turns. I don't know why this happens, sometimes it just won't work again. In this case use his attack and maybe an attack up by anyone. Use good cures (Cure3 & Cure4) with Bow or Rand, use Nina or Bleu's strongest spells, use Ryu's G. Dragon, Spar's Defense Up X and Attack Up, Sten's Missile, Katt's strongest spells, and all of the above with Jean. At the beginning he'll have very weak attacks and you'll do well, but then he'll whip out his Bone Laser. This does considerable damage to everyone, beware. he also has a Super-Sap that does 60 to everyone and gains all that, very annoying. Cold Breath as well does a bit of damage, but overall if you're all level 45+ you'll do fine.

Beat him and run back. Watch the ending. There are 3 possible endings: If you quit at Habaruku, that's the worst ending. If you didn't save Ganer, it's an ok ending but still bad, Ryu sacrifices himself and becomes the dragon to protect the gates. If you saved Ganer and got the flying TownShip, then you get the best ending, and TownShip will block the gates. There now, you beat that game. That wasn't so hard, now was it?

Section III: Secrets

-Finding Bleu: In case you missed it, to get Bleu (the secret character) you must first get Grandpa (or the Great Bird or flying TownShip) and then go to the area that's east of Thieves Tomb, across the mountains. Find the circle tile of sand and go in there, and talk to all the pillar ghosts and then go to HomeTown's magic school and talk to the kid on the upper level in the left classroom on the left side of the back row.

-Getting Chop-chop: Before fighting Nimfu, go to the western cave (west of her Tower) and obey all the rules, then beat the Cook and forgive him. He'll give any member a move that requires no AP and does 50-70 damage.

-Getting Boombada: After the fall of Evrai, go to Namanda Cave and talk to the guy at the north area. Fill in for his partner and perform perfectly (and I mean perfectly) and you'll get a spell (again, no AP required) that reduces enemy HP by half (very good).

-Flying TownShip: To get TownShip to fly, don't kill the old guy in the basement of the Grand Church. Kill the 3 Guard Eyes only and take him to TownShip. Then, go to Guntz and go to the northern house and go to the back of it, then behind the bookshelf talk to Eichichi in the basement and take her to your town, then you can fly it.

-Second set of Dragon Powers: Once Jean is acquired, go west of the Witch's Tower and down the waterfall, talk to the guy with Ryu in the lead.

Section IV: Shamans

The list of Shamans and their locations:
1. Sana - Fire Shaman. You can't miss her, seeing as she's part of the plot.
2. Seso - Water Shaman. You can miss her, but not permanently. After Nimfu is beaten, go to the western area of the big room with chains and go up to talk to her.
3. Spoo - Wind Shaman. Once again unable to miss, get her in Sky Tower.
4. Solo - Earth Shaman. Easily able to miss, you have to donate 20 times in Namanda Cave when Daisy tells to pray to Namanda. Pick her up after the fall of Evrai.
5. Seny - Holy Shaman. In Bando, underground, at the first door in the big hall with moving doors after the fall of Evrai.
6. Shin - Devil Shaman. In the left enterance at Infinity.

Now, who can they fuse with. If it's N/A, it means they can't fuse, if there's a  it means it works well, a * means only a color change, and a - means no color change but still works. Mind you, you could probably mix a few other shamans in there (like Katt could have Devil + Fire) but it isn't necessary.

1. Ryu: N/A
2. Bow: Holy & Devil
3. Katt: Devil
4. Nina: Holy & Wind Wind* Water- Holy*
5. Sten: Fire & Wind Fire*
6. Rand: Earth & Water Water-
7. Jean: Holy Water-
8. Spar: Water Earth Devil
9. Bleu: N/A

Section V: TownShip

1) The Arabian Carpenter: Choose him and he'll open a pub, the people in the pub have weird and creepy information for you, i.e.: How long you've played, you're maximum amount of money collected, how many random battles you've encountered, etc. Pointless but you get fancy houses!
2) Normal Carpenter: He builds normal houses and cooks in his house. Probably the best choice, because he can cook up upgrades like Power Food and Stamina, etc.
3) Tree house Carpenter: He builds tree houses and opens a casino-type gaming area. This is another good choice if you want to gamble, because you can get really rare items and armor here. You play with those Tolens I spoke of earlier (remember how I said they came in later? Well, here they are). Gamble with them and get good weapons, but most become obsolete after a while.

Now I'll take you through the people you can get, and where they are (info courtesy of ROMZ12's Township FAQ at GameFAQs). There are 27 in total. If he's/she's not good, I give him/her an x. Good gets a * and indifferent is nothing.

1) Azusa - he takes you to a hunting spot that has mostly full of Beaks, so he's not too good. Found in Mt. Fubi.
2) Hekkeller - He opens a shop, but it isn't too good. Most items can be found later in the game anyway. Found in HomeTown, left house of yours.
3) Woopi(x) - A fortune teller, but since you have this walkthrough she's very useless. Found in HomeTown Church.
4) Hanz(*) - He sells Bracelets and other items to equip on the etc. part. I personally think he's pretty good, because he sells Wise Hoops and Iron Bracelets which increase defense and wisdom. Also, they're good for cooking if you have that carpenter. Found in HomeTown, house left of yours.
5) Win - He changes the window color in your game. I don't think it's important but if you want to, go ahead. Found in The Joker Hideout.
6) Macotti (x) - He pays one coin per month (game month, that's 30 days or 60 time warps) to live in a bathroom. Other than that, nothing. Found in Coursair Pub's Bathroom.
7) Kay (x) - She gives you an immunity to poison for one battle. Pointless, really. Found in Coursair Church.
8) Poo - He sells you a Moon Drop later in the game for $1000. I actually took him, but Moon Drops are hard to come by. Aside from that he's pretty much useless, but nice anyway. Found in Coursair Pub.
9) Surfy - She makes a bank. I find banks useless but take her if you wish. Found in a house northeast of Tag Woods (you need Sten).
10) Barreta (*) - One of the best tenants you can get, she has the best armory. It starts off bad, but as the game progresses she acquires better weapons and at the end some of the best in the game. Take her. Found in Windia Armory.
11) Daiye (*) - He's pretty good, he wants to sell fish! He sells fish and you can use them for cooking great stuff with that carpenter. Plus they're HP recovery items, so it's always nice. Found in Windia Inn.
12) Yozo (*) - One of the best tennants you can get, especially for Katt. If you keep talking to him (keep talking, trust me) then he'll eventually talk to you regularly and raise one of your characters AP by 16. Very good tenant, take him. Found in Windia Castle, upper left area.
13) Watts (x) - He asks you riddles throughout the game, and if you answer correctly you get tips. Not very useful. Found in the Carnival, before you get Spar (but when it's near Tunlan).
14) Locker - he paints your town, you have a choice of 4 colors. It's an ok deal if you want, but not necessary. Found in Capitan, in the house beside the Inn.
15) Leminton (x) - The worst armory you can get. Don't take him. Found in Capitan Inn.
16) Salvador - He makes a statue of one of your characters (a small statue that looks like a normal person, but gray). If you are egotistical take him. Found in SimaFort jail.
17) MacClean (*) - A very good tenant, he takes you to his fishing spot. This spot is jam-packed with Porgy and Sniper, the exact fish you cannot buy with Daiye. These fish sell for a lot of money and have good uses, so take him. Found in the beach where you acquire Grandpa's flute.
18) Sumner - He gives you a sound test for 35 tracks of Breath of Fire II. It's actually ok music, so if you want him take him. Found in Tunlan in the left house near the castle.
19) Martin - He wants your money. If you don't give him $3000 he'll give you $5000. You want cash? Fight some battles, wuss. He's not worth the room. Found in Tunlan Inn.
20) El (x) - He's a Highlander (a monkey) who's guarding the Tunlan treasure (Therapy Pillow). Totally useless, he guards your town. Found in Tunlan, in the basement.
21) Pechiri (x) - He's a thief who steals your money and tells you how to get it back, but you gain nothing. Annoying guy, he is. Found in Thieves Tomb.
22) Karashinokofu - He has an armory as well, but it isn't good enough. Found in the northern house on Guntz.
23) Back (x) - Another guy who only does something for you for one battle - this time you get a defense upgrade. It will wear off all too soon, though. Found in Guntz Armory in the lower right hiding.
24) Akky - She's a cat. Talk to her with Transformed Katt in the lead and she can get her a house. She makes the house full of kitties! It's kind of cute, if you like cats. Found west of the sea of trees.
25) Barose (*) - A fantastic tenant, he teaches you spells for free. Meet his requirements (0 AP & 1 HP) and you can get taught Missile or Freeze. Great for people like Spar or Bow with no good attacks. Found in Gandaroof's memory, in Young Town's Inn.
26) Garber (x) - He increases your attack power, again, for one battle. Found in FarmTown Inn.
27) Bockden (x) - He does absolutely nothing. He talks about a dojo but he never makes one, he's insane! Found in the cave where you fought Barubary as a child.

Well, I'd say that's about all. Let's all give a big thanks to King Dedede for putting so much time and effort into this huge walkthrough. We're hoping it makes the game easier for you, so enjoy.

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