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The place where no work ever gets done. (And it's been that way since March 17, 2001.)

Welcome to Koma Forest. This is the place to get codes for games and to get help on stuff. You can e-mail our staff any comments you have or even request for us to do a guide for you at

As you can see from the staff pic, our staff of Blu, Squeaky, and King Dedede will all be making updates or doing guides and (p)reviews every so often. (Hopefully...)

Visit every day so you can help our standings in the Monster Rancher Top 50. Check out the standing right below the No Pokemon Sign.



-Blu added a pretty large addition to the Animal Crossing Preview. This new section goes over interaction in greater detail.

May 18-Squeaky here again. In case you didn't notice I actually finished the new Staff Pic. I think it looks pretty cool, but that's just me. Anyway, the site will hopefully get a new and improved look soon. As soon as I teach myself a bit more advanced HTML programming... Anyway, I just preordered Lost Kingdoms (GCN) - it looks really sweet. First GameCube RPG, it's based around saving some mystical kingdoms. It's a card RPG with over 100 monsters, and a cool 2 player versus mode. Looks great, and comes out May 29th. Later.

May 16-Hey this is Squeaky here. Just wanted to say that the site is going to have a slight makeover soon. Firstly we're finally getting rid of Blank since he never did any work. Period. King Dedede will take his place in the staff pic and you will see the new identities of Blu and I... Mwah ha ha ha ha ha... Anyway, I'm also hoping to give the site a slightly new look, mainly just a little more neat and organized. Oh, and Blu put up his review on the GameCube version of Resident Evil. (Yes, he finally got his GameCube :) And lastly, King Dedede said he'll try to get an Animal Leader (GCN) preview done soon. That's all at the moment.

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