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This is the main page for moves with all the links to every character's move list. I will be completing everyone's eventually, but since I don't have that much time, it might be a while before I even have a few characters up.

In Super Smash Brothers, there are normal attacks, Smash attacks, and then there's each character's special attacks. Normal attacks can be done by just pressing the A button by itself or while holding a direction. Smash attacks are performed by quickly tapping a direction and then A. Special attacks are different for every character, but to do them just press the B button by itself or with a direction.

To jump, you can tap up or press any of the yellow C buttons. Jumping will be your most useful move in the whole game, since the whole point is to not fall off the screen. Most characters have 2 jumps, along with their Up + B move, which can usually propel them upwards.

To use your shield, hold Z. It gradually shrinks the longer you have it on and the more you get hit. After a while it will shatter and leave you stunned for a few seconds. If you tap a direction while in your shield, you will roll in that direction and come up facing the enemy you rolled away from so you can attack from the back.

To pick up items, press A when near an item (to throw or use just press A again). If it is a sword, bat, wand, or fan, using a Smash attack will produce a much more powerful hit. To get rid of or throw a weapon you have, press R.

To throw someone, get next to them and press R (this will grab them). Press R again or the opposite direction to throw someone. Everyone has a different throw, but they all use the same button.

To use your taunt, just press L. Be aware that this is not an attack and leaves you vulnerable to other people's attacks. It is mainly for bragging about a cool attack you just pulled off.

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