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Training Grounds


Shrine-Go here to regenerate monsters, put monsters to sleep or depart with your monsters.

Venture Tip--When Fleria has a "Bad Feeling" Search and you will* Find a good items.

Morx-The beginners training ground. Venture-Trainning Hall(1)Right at the start you see a white dropped over flower.(2)When you Enter the Large found room, it is a group of 3 mushrooms in the south east corner of the round room.Lord-Near the south tree stump. It is a dropped over yellow and pink flower.New Trainings-The stump in the south will give you the training DIG. The center of the room in the north will give you Mole and Light Learn.

Goat-After you win a bunch of battles, you will be told by Mucchi you can train at goat.Venture-Training Hall(1)The Middle of the North Wall.(2)The Wall directly to the right of the Moray Wall.Lord-The Lord is in the Hole witht the bubbles coming out.New Trainings-The Rock in the south-east corner will give you blowfish.Point Of Interest-The right part of the long log in the north is know to give aqua bits.

* Most of the time.