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Rare Monsters

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How To Obtain Rares


Get a Magic Banana on the Hartville expedition. Use the banana in combining with two spoiled monsters to get an ape.


You can only get this monster by combining the two different Disk monsters off of rare CDs.


Raise a pure Monol and get its Fame over 80. Then do whatever you can to drop its fame under 40 and it will get vandalised. Combine it with anything to get a Doodle.


Win the level B tournament with the Dragon in it and you will get invited to an A Class battle for the Dragon tusk. If you win that battle then mix the Dragon Tusk with a Dino/Naga and Naga/Dino to get a Dragon.


Get any monster and work it with no rest all the time. Then enter it into battles very tired and get it KOed. Keep doing this until it dies. Now get a new monster from the market or the shrine and work it with no rest and get it KOed very tired as like the last one. Keep doing this and your 3rd or 4th monster should get a mark on its back. Use this monster in combining with any other monster and you should get a ghost.


On the Reno expedition find all four of the Henger parts. After you find all four you will be invited to a battle when your at A-Level. This tournament will be for the Henger Dolls head. Win this and you will have the full Henger doll. Now you must get a monster to read the tablet in the Reno expedition. Once you get a monster to read the tablet mix it with any other monster and the Henger Doll to get a Henger.


Find the Old Mirror on the Titus Expedition. Then use it in combining with a Gali and a Monol to get a Magic monster.


Anywhere between 1020 and 1050 the item shop will get an item called the Cat Doll. Buy it and use it in combining with any two monsters to get a Nya.