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Mags are an important part of PSO. They help boost your stats and even make it so you can get a new weapon without leveling up. The thing you need to understand about mags is that they are almost alive. Every three and a half minutes, I repeat, three and a half minutes they get hungry. You can feed them a variety of items, but some are better than others.They also learn Photon blasts that can save your skin in a tough situation.

Mags can also evolve. They look very cool when they do, and what they change into depends on what you feed them. When it evolves, it changes depending on what stat is the highest. Your mag will evolve at levels 10, 35, 50, and 100. Your mag is also the same color as the color you picked for your character. Also your mag can cast spells at boss areas if it has enough I.Q., and its Synch makes the Photon bar go up more quickly.

On this page I will tell you about the items you need to give your mags and what stats they raise.

I have learned some new stuff about Photon Blasts. Each type of person (HU, FO, or RA) has their own type. Forces heal, Rangers have shot attacks, and Hunters have perimeter attacks. You could drop your mag and trade with someone else to get different types of Photon Blasts, but you should trust that person. Also, for about 10-20 seconds after you get 100%, you are untouchable!


Item effects

Mag evolutions