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White Pine

The White Pine's (Pinus strobus) leaves are evergreen, 3 to 5 inches long, with five blue-green, slender needles per fascicle. A fascicle sheath is not present. Needles appear blue because of 3 or more lines of stomata. Its flower is monoecious; males cylindrical, yellow, in clusters near branch tips; females light green, tinged in red, at ends of branches. Its fruit are cones that are 4 to 7 inches long, cylindrical, with thin, rounded cone scales, very resinous. Cones are borne on a long stalk. Maturing August to September. Its twigs are slender, gray-green to orange-brown in color. Its bark is, on young trees, thin, smooth and gray-green in color, later becoming thick, reddish-brown to gray-brown with prominent ridges and furrows. The White Pine is a large tree with a very straight stem. The crown is conical when young, later developing wispy, horizontal branches. They have been previously planted in Triton and we just put mulch around them when we planted the other plants.

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